There are thousands of vendors in the shared web hosting industry, which has made it to be one of the most competitive market. In order to win more customers, most of the web hosting service providers will give out some kinds of coupon code and provide the discount price to their visitors. As a research shows that shopping online with coupon code will be the most popular shopping behavior in the Internet world, and which is true in web hosting industry.

    Below are the most common discount types you can get with a coupon:

    1) Money off

    This is probably the most common discount you can get with a web hosting coupon. By which, you can get a certain amount of money off or some percent of money off. Such as $10 off or 30% off. Sometimes, the discount will only be available when the total amount of money has reached a certain number, such as when you purchase $100 worth service and get $10 off.

    2) Free months

    Even getting the free month to use is not so common as the previous one, you still can find it during some popular season promotion period, such as Chrismas day, etc. With this coupon code, you still pay out the same amount of money, but you can get some additional months to use. How to Add Pages?

    3) Free Domain Register

    Providing the free domain in the web hosting solution has almost become the must-have feature in the shared web hosting industry. But there are still some vendors without providing it unless you get a coupon.

    Coupon code is one of the best way you can use to find the reliable affordable web hosting solution online.

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